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Do you want to transform your body while also building a consistent practice?

You will love Bandtastic Body!

This 4-week program is perfect for anyone who wants to build long, lean muscles in a short about of time. You will love the blend of mat Pilates and yoga to help you tone and shape your body!

With my BYG Program, you will never be bored! My fun and effective workouts will leave you wanting more!

Each day has been thoughtfully planned out to help you feel energized, improve strength, increase flexibility, and increase muscle tone.

Do you struggle with finding time for yourself?

I hear you! Bandtastic Body is perfect for you! Most classes are 30 minutes long, but some are just 15-20 minutes! Perfect for anyone who wants a killer workout but doesn't have a lot of time. I will give options for all levels so that anyone can do this program.

Bandtastic Body is the program that will make you love at-home workouts!


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Bandtastic Body is Simple & Effective!

All you will need a set of loop resistance bands and you are on your way to feeling and looking BANDtastic!

Benefits of this program:

  • increased muscle tone & definition
  • increased strength and flexibility
  • less stress and peace of mind
  • improved balance and coordination
  • improved sleep and self-esteem
  • established consistency

What You Get With The Bandtastic Body Program:

  • 24 individual practices!
  • Access to my private BYG members-only Facebook Group.
  • Ask me questions and connect with other BYG members!
  • Four weeks of programming, so you don't have to think about it!
  • Become consistent through practice! 
  • Accessible for all levels.
  • Gain strength, flexibility, & stamina building a BANDtastic body!

But, that's not all ...

  • When you become a member to unlock all my classes and programs!
  • That's over 200+ classes!

At-home classes on demand!

Anytime. Anywhere.


On-demand yoga classes for all levels of students and disciplines. From chronic pain to handstands, I've got classes for everyone!


Fun, innovative Pilates classes anytime, anywhere! Gain the core strength you have always wanted!

Plant-Based Meals

Included in your membership are all my favorite vegan meals, tips, and tricks to thrive on a plant-based diet.


When you become a member, you gain access to my BYG private Facebook group! Ask me questions and get support from the amazing BYG Community!

Gain Access to Bandtastic Body and over 200+ classes!

Vinyasa Yoga

Practice Vinyasa Yoga with the BYG Method. Classes range from 30 to 60 minutes long for all levels of students. Learn how the mind-body connection can transform your practice!

Peak Poses

Learn peak poses! These full practices are designed to help you learn specific poses while also training the strength and flexibility needed for the pose.

Mat Pilates

Transform your body with the BYG Method Mat Pilates! It is fun, effective and uses your own body weight. Suitable for all levels of students!

Resistance Band Workouts

Adding simple resistance bands to your mat Pilates workouts will tone and shape the body quickly. See fast results with resistance band training.


Do you struggle with meditation? The BYG Method visualization technique makes mediation easy and introspective.

Pilates with Weights

These BYG Pilates classes using light hand weights are fun, effective and will give you total body conditioning!

Yoga Tutorials

Learn Yoga poses using the BYG Method! Quick and simple tutorials to help you understand how to get into some of the more difficult and unassuming poses.

Handstand Classes

Want to handstand? I offer handstand classes and tutorials to help you learn!

Beginner Classes

Are you a beginner? No problem! BYG Method offers classes for beginners to learn the basics before you dive into more challenging classes!

Stability Ball Core Training

BYG Method Stability Ball classes are fun and challenging! Learn how to use the stability balls to gain better core control as you tone and shape the rest of your body.

Postpartum & Pregnancy

Pregnant or about to have a baby? Try these classes to help you strengthen your deep abdominals and pelvic floor!

Chronic Pain & Restorative Yoga

Restorative and chronic pain yoga classes using the BYG Method! From back pain and Fibromyalgia to just needing to relieve stress, try these classes today!

Fusion Classes

The BYG Method Fusion classes are a wonderful blend of Tai-Chi, Yoga & Pilates. You will gain strength and flexibility while you also calm the nervous system.

Short Workouts

In a hurry? Do you only have a limited amount of time, but you want to get in a good workout? Try these short workouts! In under 20 minutes, you will feel amazing!

Magic Circle

Have you ever used the Magic Circle? This amazing Pilates prop is a game changer! Experience the BYG Method using the Pilates ring for a burn like you have never felt before!

Plans and Pricing

Choose which plan works for you! Cancel anytime.

Fun, effective, at-home Yoga & Pilates training!

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BYGM Success Stories

The best purchase I have made this year! You will not regret getting on these programs. Awesome workouts, and seriously, the classes are fun too!

-Tonya Kristen Nye

"BYG Method has become my go-to workout. I look forward to them every day and can easily fit them into my schedule with a variety of options available. And even the short workouts can challenge you, so don't underestimate them. Kerri is great at showing how to increase or decrease the difficulty to meet your needs, and her positive attitude will help you smile through even the most difficult workouts."

-Brittany Spencer

Kerri's classes are always very well structured, inspiring, fun, challenging, but never boring! I like her holistic approach to everything. I love that there's always a (BYG) method to the madness - I really appreciate that Kerri explains why each exercise/movement/posture is important and why we are doing it.

-Zsófi Pettenkoffer

Kerri Verna’s gentle guidance and wisdom really helped me break out of my pre-menopausal funk.  From Day 1, I was hooked because of her.   Her knowledge and explanation of mechanics really have helped to use the correct breath and muscles.  I could sing the praises for BYG Method and Kerri for days. Her commitment to her team has truly changed my life.  I wish I had joined when she first announced instead of just admiring her on Instagram!  

- Kristie Klien

"Kerri has taught me how to rethink the way I approach practicing, as well as how to listen to what my body really needs. I’ve gained a ton of strength and no longer have back pain. Every day I look forward to getting on the mat."

-Michelle Baines

I joined another 'big' platform a couple of months ago because I was so happy with your platform I thought I would give all those 'world-renowned' yoga teachers a try. After one month, I discontinued my membership. For me, what you are doing alone is SO much better than a platform with hundreds of teachers!!! Anyone who is considering... this is my best investment of 2020

- Ragia Momtaz

Exciting to see changes that core work is making. I have gained strength, flexibility, and mobility. BYG Method is all that and a bag of chips!🥳 I started BYGM in October; it's that good! All you have to do is show up—every day. Do something. If you're tired, get on your mat and do 1 thing even for 4 seconds, like breathing, meditation, or cry.

- Chris Heffel Meissner

Frequently Asked Questions

I've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

Start for as little at $9.16 a month! Click here to read about the different payment options you can choose from. 

The most popular and best value is the YEARLY PLAN.

Does it matter if I'm new to yoga and Pilates?

Nope! If you're just starting out, this is the best way to find out exactly what you like! The Bandtastic Body Program is a perfect blend of classes that are all levels.

How do I know it's for me?

Since you are here, you are curious! Why not try it out? You can try the MONTHLY Plan! If you decide you like the BYG Method, you can upgrade your account within the first 30 days to the YEARLY Plan and your first payment will be credited.  

What if I join the monthly plan, but I want to cancel?

No problem! I'll be sad to see you go, but there will be no questions asked. Just login to your account and select "cancel my subscription" under your profile.  

Can I stream on my TV?

Yes! My video player supports Airplay on Apple devices which allows for streaming to other connected devices such as a television. Any smart TV with a web-browser can stream the videos.

How much do I have to participate in the community?

It's totally up to you! The BYG community is amazing and very supportive. You can join the group and just follow along or you can post and share. We are always here for you!

What kind of props do I need?

For the Bandtastic Body Program, you will need a set of resistance bands. For my other classes, you may want a small Pilates ball, large stability ball, and light hand weights. Don't worry however, I have over 75 classes with no equipment needed. All the equipment can be found under "products".  

My question isn't listed here?

No problem. Send an email at and I'll take care of you!  

Let's do this!

Still have questions? Send me an email!