Twenty One Days to Looking and Feeling Your Best!


Do because I will make you love getting on your mat!

Blast Fat with FAST

21-Day Challenge

FAST is a 21-day program to help you shed fat, build muscle and help you relax your nervous system.

FAST workouts combine yoga, Pilates, and strength training using a kettlebell to give you the perfect blend of all three disciplines.

The workouts are for ALL levels & will not overwhelm you! They can be done on an empty stomach if you want to take advantage of fasted cardio!

  • Shed Fat
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Build Muscle
  • Get Rid of Stress
  • Learn to Meditate

Do You Struggle With Stubborn Fat?

What is stubborn fat?

Stubborn fat is just under our skin that you can pinch, called subcutaneous fat. Stubborn fat is incredibly frustrating, especially when you eat healthily and exercise regularly, but can't seem to get rid of it.

The F.A.S.T. program can help!

This program combines Yoga, Pilates, and kettlebell strength training to give you a perfect blend of all three disciplines.

My workouts will challenge you, but they will not overwhelm you, so you can do them on an empty stomach to take advantage of fasted cardio if you so desire.

5 Pillars of F.A.S.T.

Shed fat, increase your metabolism, and relax your nervous system!


Through the ancient wisdom of Yoga we will support our nervous system through practice.


Pilates to help you train your entire body through a strong and stable core.


We will build muscle and shed fat with Kettlebell strength training!


Positive affirmations can change your life! Practice short daily mantra meditations to help you set intention & create a positive mindset.


Each day try a plant-based healthy meals to support you along the journey!

Daily Mantra Meditations

Have you always wanted to meditate?

I got you!

Included in the FAST Program are daily mantra meditations!

These meditations are less than 5 minutes long anyone can do them! They will help you set your intention and give you wisdom for your day!

Try Something New!

Easy Plant-Based Meals Included!

We all know that nutrition is super important to overall wellness. If you are plant-based curious or just looking for some new healthy meals to make, I have also included a daily recipe for you to try.


Hi, My name is Kerri.

I am a mother of 2 teenage boys, married to a wonderful man, Nick, and I live in South Florida. I have been teaching and personal training for 20 years.

I love helping people find the magic of the mind-body connection.

You might know me on Instagram as @beachyogagirl. Ten years ago, I began sharing my practice to inspire and motivate myself. Hosting Instagram Yoga challenges helped me stay accountable and encouraged others to try yoga.

I created the BYG Method to help others find freedom in their bodies through breath & conscience movement.

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I absolutely love Kerri and her programs.  It’s almost like the programs are tailored just for you.  You have so many options to choose from you really can tailor a workout just for you.  And new classes are added all the time, as well as her new monthly programs.  I can’t wait to knock out 2022 with all her wonderful classes. 

-Karla Daniels

I could sing the praises for BYG Method and Kerri for days. Her commitment to her team has truly changed my life.  I wish I had joined when she first announced instead of just admiring her on Instagram!  

- Kristie Klien

"Kerri has taught me how to rethink the way I approach practicing, as well as how to listen to what my body really needs. I’ve gained a ton of strength and no longer have back pain. Every day I look forward to getting on the mat."

-Michelle Baines


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